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Click on Accounts from the Main Menu Bar, and SportsBM will display the Account Browser with athletes at the bottom.


The Account Browser is a scrolling grid listing accounts and provides a quick way to view accounts and basic information about them. You can use the Account Browser to quickly locate information about a particular account by scrolling down the list of accounts. Or, instead of scrolling down the list, you can locate a specific account quickly by clicking on the top alphabet row. For example, click on the T, and SportsBM will jump to the first account whose last name begins with a T. To edit account information directly from the Browser or "grid", just double click on the account. Or, use the Binoculars icon to "find an account" – just type in the first few letters of an account and SportsBM will find the first matching account.

To select from various Administrative and Financial reports, click on Reports on the Menu Bar. To go directly to Administrative reports, click the Printer Icon for Accounts or Athletes. If transactions are showing in the lower grid, clicking the printer icon creates an invoice for the selected account. If history transactions are showing in the lower grid, clicking the printer icon creates an transaction history report for the selected account. Please click Here for detailed information on Reports and report formats.

When an account is selected, only athletes "attached" to that account are displayed. To show All Athletes, click the "Show All Athletes" check box.

NOTE: You can resize the split window by clicking on the bar between the upper and lower screens and moving it up and down.  

Filtering Information

You can reduce the number of accounts that are included in the upper grid list by "filtering" the information by:

·Active Status Only  
·Inactive Status Only  

For example, if you wish to show ONLY Active accounts at one facility in the browser, select the Facility from the facility combo box at the top and check the Active Only box, and SportsBM will show only those accounts that meet this filtering criteria.

If athletes are displayed in the lower grid and you have checked Show All Athletes, you can filter the athlete list with the following choices:
·Active Only     
·Inactive Only  
·Female Only  
·Male Only  
·Group / Subgroup  
·TM Group / TM Subgroup  
·Low / High Age  

Browser Sort Options

The Account Browser is initially sorted alphabetically by Last Name. But you may sort the scrolling list by other criteria by clicking on any column title. For example, to sort by Account Number, just click on the column heading labeled Acct #. The same goes for the Athlete Browser. You can click on any column title (except Acct #) and sort on that column.

Active and Inactive

The Account Browser defaults to include both Active and Inactive Accounts. The activity status is displayed in the column titled "Inact". If an account's "Inact" box is checked, the account is inactive. If you click the box in the column, the activity status will switch. This is the easiest way to change the activity status, rather than clicking Edit and then changing the activity status.

Click on any topic for more information.

All accounts can be filter by
(drop down menu), Active Only check box, or Inactive Only check box.

The Accounts Menu has a split screen with the top portion dedicated to the Account/Family. From left to right, the screen displays
Account #, Last Name, First Name, Inactive, Facility, Escrow, Primary Address, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country, E-mail, Home Phone, Office Phone, Cell Phone, Fax Phone.

The bottom half of the screen changes according to your selection of subject area.

Here to Add / Edit New Account

Click Here to Delete an Account