Athlete Registration Report
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This report only applies to swimming. A swim organization may want to set up a process to periodically register athletes. This registration may take place at the team level and then each team would export the registration information for the athletes to a central Registration Database. The particular Athlete registration setup, report, and export in SportsBM are specifically designed to accommodate USA Swimming's National Registration process. Information entered on the Registration Preferences screen will appear on the Individual Athlete Registration Application. To create the application, go to the Main Menu / Reports / Athlete Registration, and then check the box: Print Application Forms instead of Report.


You can include one or more of the registration classifications and you can filter this report by Group, Subgroup, Facility, TM Group, TM Subgroup, or School Year. Enter the Batch Number associated with this particular Registration Report or enter "0" to include all swimmers that have not been exported.

Click on the
OK button, and SportsBM will provide a report preview of the Registration Report.

Note: Only Active athletes are included in the report. If a particular athlete was exported and has say a Batch number of 3, a report on batch 3 will not include this athlete if the athlete has been changed to Inactive.