Athlete Rosters Report
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Click on Reports from the Main Menu bar and then Administrative and Athlete Rosters to view the following Report menu screen.


Standard Roster Sort
Choose to sort by Name or SportsBM Groups/Subgroups or TM Groups/Subgroups.

Report Choice
A Standard Roster lists the athletes alphabetically and includes gender, age, birth date, ID number, Group, School Year, and Join Date. The Join Date only shows if the Include Join Date check box is checked. The School Year only shows if the Show School Year check box is checked in Report Preferences.

Age Group Roster lists athletes alphabetically by age group as selected when you click the Create Custom Age Groups and check the box Use Custom Age Groups. It contains the same information as the Standard Roster, but the athletes are sorted according to age groups.

Create Custom Age Groups - by clicking on this button, a screen appears to let you customize your report.
Date for Computing Athlete Ages

Either type in a date or use the drop down menu to enter the date for computing ages for the current report.