Auto Deposit
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After you have posted checks to individual accounts in the Accounts Menu, it is recommended that you print the Daily Report which shows, among other things, the day's deposit amount. To enter the deposit amount shown on the Daily Report, click on AutoDeposit at the top of the Checkbook Register. A screen similar to the one below will appear.


Enter the date range which the Daily Report spanned, and the amounts for the five invoice categories will be shown. The corresponding income checkbook category will be selected for you to the right of each amount. If there is no checkbook category selected, you may choose one. If you cannot find an appropriate category, exit from the Auto Deposit screen and click on Category at the top of the Checkbook Register to add a new income category to match the invoice category. Once you are satisfied with your choice, click "Post to Checkbook", and the Checkbook Register will be updated.