Edit Invoice Categories
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Invoice Subcategories

To edit Invoice Categories, from the Main Menu, click on
Set-up / Facility and Invoice Set-up.


The above category names and codes are the default settings when SportsBM is initially setup.

Important Notes:
·You cannot change the order, and you cannot add more invoice categories.  
·The second category in the 2nd row is the only category that works with the "Add to Escrow" feature on invoices.  

To change any one of these, click on the
Icon or double click a row and a screen will appear for editing:


You will be able to change the code, the description, the headings for reports (Report Description 1 and 2). You can also turn on or off the escrow behavior for any of the 5 categories. If you have two check payables to, then a checked box means add this category to the 2nd check payable to.