Emailing Invoices Setup
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How to Email Invoices

gives you the ability to Email invoices rather than mailing them. In order to do this, you must setup the Email account within SportsBM. From the Main Menu, click on Set-up / Facility and Invoice Set-up, and then click the Emailing Invoices tab at the bottom.


You need your Username and Password, and the names of your outgoing (SMTP) and incoming (POP3) Email servers. Note that some servers do not require a POP3. The above screen allows you to setup these emailing parameters.
·To enter the Username and Password, you must click the Login check box.  
·To enter the POP3 Server, you must click the POP Login check box.  
·The Sender Email is required and must match your valid Internet Email account address on the SMTP server you are connected to. If your members reply to the invoice, this Sender Email address will be used along with a return address name that will be the Return Address Name of the facility to which the account belongs.  
·The SMTP Port is normally 25. For AOL and Earthlink, the SMTP Port may need to be 587.  
·Your ISP account needs to be one which allows the "relaying of emails". Free email accounts normally do not permit this and if you have a free email account, you most likely will need to upgrade your account.  

How to Find Your Email Server Names

·Outlook Express: Click Tools / Accounts. Select the mail account and click Properties. Then click Servers and all the information you need is on this Servers page. Note that Username is what Outlook calls Account Name.  
·Eudora: Click Tools / Options. Click Sending Mail to see your SMTP Server name. Click Receiving Mail to see your POP3 Server name under what Eudora calls Mail Server. Your Username is under what Eudora calls Login Name.  
·AOL: If you are using an AOL account, do not check the POP Login and do not enter a POP3 Server name.