Entry Fee Escrow
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When you add or edit an account, you can enter an Entry Fee Escrow amount which is used on the invoice to automatically collect advance funds for entry fees.

Many teams pay their team's entry fees in advance of the meet and then bill their members. The escrow amount will enable you to collect money from your members as an advance deposit on fees that you will deduct from their accounts later. The amount you put here will be used when printing invoices to re-establish the escrow balance when the balance in the entry fee account goes below the trigger amount. The amount you place can be different for every account and should be proportional to the number of athletes in the account and the number of meets which they attend. For example, if the trigger amount is -10.00 and the escrow amount is $40.00 for a particular account and the entry fee balance is a $4.50 credit (which is less than the -$10.00 escrow trigger), then $35.50 would be added to the balance due on the invoice to bring the escrow back to $40.00. If the balance was a $10.01 credit, then nothing additional would be added to the invoice because it is greater than the trigger amount by one cent.

Enter your own internal Reference # here. A cross-reference number is available for each account for referencing other internal accounting systems within your organization and only shows up on invoices. Use of the reference # is optional.

Click on the OK button to save the information that you have entered for a given account.