Exports to PDF Format
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You can export any MM report to PDF if you have a purchased version of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer or if you have downloaded another type PDF Distiller such as ones found on the following web site: http://www.handyarchive.com/free/distiller. If you do not purchase the distiller and use a free one, it will put a logo on every page and this is probably not what you will want.

With the purchased version of Acrobat Reader, you will have what is called the Acrobat Distiller installed and it will be listed in Windows as one of your printers.
When your report is displayed on screen in MM, you can click on the Printer Setup icon icon-reportprintsetup at the top of the report to select the d
istiller from the list of printers as follows:


Click OK and then click the Printer icon icon-reportprint at the top of the report which is just to the left of the Printer Setup icon and you will receive a window like this one:


Click OK and a pdf will be created and you will be given a window where you can name the pdf file and select the folder where you want the pdf copied to.