Exports to Word Format
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After a report is displayed on screen, you can click on the Export Report icon icon-reportexport which looks like an envelope. This brings up the following window:

Leave the Destination as Disk File. When you click on the Format combo box, select Word for Windows document and click Ok.


Save the export file to any folder you wish. If the report is a two column or three column report, it will be created as a single column report in Word. Therefore, after the export report is saved, open the exported file with Microsoft Word, click Format / Columns and change the columns from 1 to either 2 or 3 depending on what the original report had. In addition, the page numbering in the headers will be fixed at 1 on every page. You must edit the header and replace the page number with Word's page number macro. After these changes are made, you can make other cosmetic changes as needed and then re-save the document.

Important Note: MM uses Crystal Reports version 7.0 which exports Microsoft Word files in Word 2.0 format. This old Word format cannot be opened by Office Word 2003 SP3 and Office Word 2007 because these current Word versions by default have a registry setting that disables the opening of old Word formats. In order for you to re-enable Old Word File Formats, you must download the file named UnblockWord.reg from the Microsoft web site and Run the downloaded file. It will quickly change the Registry to allow the opening of old Word formats. The UnblockWord.reg can be downloaded from:

To read what Microsoft has to say about this issue, go to http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/938810