Invoice Email Messages
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An Invoice Email Message is the text that will appear in the opening paragraph of an emailed invoice. You can create multiple sets of these introductory paragraphs for various sets of invoice emails, From the Main Menu Bar click on Set-up / Favorite Filters / Invoice Email Messages. Click on the Add selection or Add icon and enter your messages.


Each email message lets you enter up to 8 lines of information. The subject will be the subject of the invoice with the account number of the account appended to the end of the subject. This feature can save you time if you have special messages that you send at certain times of the year. You can enter an unlimited number of messages; just highlight the desired message on the left and click the Edit icon to make any changes. Click
Set or click the Heart icon to select your favorite message to be used on the current set of invoices to be emailed. In order to send emails with invoices, it is required that a message be set as the favorite.