Financial Summaries Report
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From the Main Menu, click on Reports / Account Financials /Financial Summaries.

There are 3 types of Financial Summaries; click on the radio button of your choice.


Current Balances Report

This report lists the amount due from each facility, in each invoice category, and total escrow amounts (shown within the parentheses), and the total balances for each category.

Charge and Credit Totals
This report lists each facility and the charges and credits for each of the 5 invoice categories. Balance Totals appear below each Charge and Credit column.
Sales Tax
If you are recording taxable sales with
SportsBM, then this report will be very useful. It is designed to give you all the information you need to fill out the monthly sales tax report requested by your state. For any given month, the sales tax report includes the sum of all charges and credits posted to Taxable Sales and Non-Taxable Sales. Your can have the report calculate any month of the year. Results can be either shown on the screen or printed out.


NOTE: This report assumes that the amounts posted for each taxable sale include the sales tax amount. In addition, the sales tax is calculated from the amount charged, not the amount collected.