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There are several global utilities designed to save you time. Click on Accounts from the Main Menu Bar and then click on Global to display the following choices:
Global Delete Transactions
Delete Transactions allows you to delete a set of transactions that may have been posted in error. For example, you may have accidentally run QuickBilling a second time and thus billed all athletes twice for the same month's dues. From the global delete, you could select the transactions to delete and remove them all with one mouse click.

To filter your transaction list, pick a date range, an invoice category, and a Transaction Type. Click the
check box for each transaction you wish to delete and then click Delete Selected Transactions Now.

Global Accounts / Athlete


The Accounts / Athletes global allows you to quickly activate or inactivate a set of accounts, activate or inactivate a set of athletes, or to update the Entry Fee Escrow Amounts for multiple accounts.

When you start a new season, you might want to Inactivate a set of accounts and if so, you have the option to also Inactivate the athletes attached to those accounts at the same time if you check the
Change Athlete Status if Inactivating Accounts check box.

To change all accounts to a $100.00 escrow balance, click
Change Entry Fee Escrow Amounts, click Active Only, leave the Facility blank to mean all facilities, and then click Take Action.

Global Registration Status Update


Registration Status global allows you to change the registration status of any set of athletes. For example, at the beginning of the season, you might want to change the registration status of all active athletes to Renewal. After doing this, if you run the Registration report, all the active athletes will be on the report and if your database is setup for USA Swimming, all active athletes will be included in an Export if you export Registrations.