Groups and Subgroups
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Within SportsBM, you can assign each athlete to a group and optionally to a subgroup. These groups are used for athlete reports, such as an attendance report, and are used for the QuickBilling system. You can have an unlimited number of groups and subgroups, and it is recommended that you create easily identifiable names such as Green, Orange, Gold, Sharks, Minnows, etc. These groups usually refer to the training group for each athlete. Within a group, you could further categorize an athlete with a subgroup, such as Novice or Advanced.

SportsBM also stores a second set of groups to maintain compatibility with HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER for Swimming or HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field when exchanging athlete rosters.

From the Main Menu, click on
Set-up / Groups and Subgroups. Click on the Add, Edit, or Delete buttons at the top of the page to make any changes to the groups / subgroups. A "Code" can be any three alpha-numeric characters and includes a Code Description as well as a designation as to what type of code that it represents.


Groups and Subgroups
For example, you might want to designate groups of athletes based on the amount of dues they pay for their training. Or you might want to set up Groups based on the facility that they train at and then use subgroups to designate elite, novice, college or master athletes with corresponding dues charges.

You might want to use the
School Year designation so that when you enter athletes, you can put them into a specific School Year code. Then you could filter Reports and Browsers based on a particular School Year. These are the default School Year codes:


If you wish to change the School Year designations to numbers such as 9, 10, 11, or 12, just click on Edit or the Edit icon and type in a new code and a new description to make the desired changes.