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After you have printed invoices and mailed them, you perform a Close-Out of current transactions to move them to the History Transaction file. Click Here for information on how to close-out invoices. If you do not close-out the transactions, the next invoice will contain the same transactions from the previous invoice plus any new transactions. This will be confusing to your members and so it is recommended that a close-out be performed after each invoice mailing.

To view the History files, from the Main Menu click on
Accounts and then click History at the top of the menu bar. Select an account and that account's list of history transactions will be displayed. You cannot edit a History transaction. If you find there is an error in a History transaction, such as Mary being charged $60 for dues, then enter a new transaction to Transactions with something like "Reverse July dues for Mary" and put in -60.00 in the charges column. If you were to edit a History transaction, there would be no way for the account person to know you changed it.


Print History
To print or view a list of History transactions for the current account, just click on the Print Icon as shown in the previous screen. This is a quick way to review the transaction history for just one account. This summary will sort by invoice category and provide sub totals for charges and for payments for each invoice category. Plus there will be a grand total. If there was a Day 1 balance for any invoice category, that balance will be included. The report below is sorted by Category and then by Posting Date. To sort by Posting Date or to limit the transactions list to those Since a certain Date, click the Heart icon shown above and you get the History Preferences as follows: