Add or Edit Accounts/Athletes
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There are two ways to enter accounts/athletes in your database:

·Manually, by keying in the information  
·By Importing Accounts/Athletes  

To key-in account information into your Database, go to the top of the screen and click on the Add icon.


NOTE: You must first enter an account before adding an athlete.  

It is helpful to fill in all Account information, but the only required fields are the Primary Last Name and Facility Code; all other Account information is optional.

·Two sets of Mailing and Contact Information, Primary and Secondary, are available. Click on the appropriate tab to enter the information. Under the Primary Contact tab, enter the basic information. Only enter a "Mail To" if it is different from the first and last name. If you do not enter a "Mail To" name, the program will default to using the Primary Father's Last Name, Primary Father's First Name, Mother's Last Name if different, and Mother's First Name when a "Mail To" is required. For example, the "Mail To" might be Tom & Mary Jones or Tom Jones & Mary Leavitt if the last names are different.  
·Comments - Click on the Comments tab and type in any information you wish to note about an Account. NOTE: this information cannot be printed in any report and is limited to 240 characters.  
·If you have the Email Invoices Option, check the Email Billing check box for those accounts that are to receive their invoices via Email. You can designate either the father's or the mother's email to be used for emailing invoices.  
·Check the Use Secondary for Billing box if you wish to use Secondary Contact Information for billing purposes (click on the Secondary Contact tab and enter the data).  
·Check the Inactive Box if you wish to make the account inactive. This action will not remove any data.  

NOTE: SportsBM automatically assigns an account number. You may edit this account number as long as it does not duplicate one already being used.

Entry Fee Escrow

Enter a specific Entry Fee Escrow amount here if desired.

Edit an Account

To edit an account's information, select the Account you wish to edit. Then either double click on the Account or click Edit or click the Edit icon. Then make the changes as you wish, and click on the OK button to save those changes.

Account Icons

Knowledge of the meaning of the following icons is central to effective use of SportsBM.
·The first icon, the folded sheet of paper, means "To Add".  
·The second icon, the open folder, means "To Edit".  
·The third icon, the big X, means "To Delete".  
·The fourth icon, the dollar sign, means "To Display/Edit Balances".  
·The fifth icon, the printer, means "To Print" or create a report.