Add an Athlete to an Existing Account
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Click on Accounts from the Main Menu Bar and then click on Athletes at the top left to view the Athlete Browser at the bottom of the page. Go to the middle of the screen for athletes and click on the Add icon to add an athlete. From this screen, you can use icons to Add, Edit, Delete, Find (binoculars), REG (USS Swimming registration only), and Print. To search the entire athlete database using the Find icon, you must first click the "Show All Athletes" box. You can filter all Athlete information by using the Active/Inactive and Gender check boxes as well as filtering by Facility, Group, Subgroup, TM Group, TM Subgroup and Low and High Age Ranges.


NOTE: You must first enter the athlete's parent account before adding an athlete's personal information. All Mailing and Contact information is entered when you add or edit an account.  


You must provide the basic administrative information about the athlete: last and first names, gender, and facility.

If you are entering age group athletes, it is important to enter the athlete's birth date. SportsBM will calculate the athlete's age based on today's date and will continually update that age.

The Build ID feature is only available for Swimming with a Team Registration Type of USS for USA Swimming, AUST for Australian Swimming, NZSF for New Zealand Swim Federation, or    SSA for Swimming South Africa.

Pay Code

From the Pay Code combo box, select a Pay Code. The pay code is used for the QuickBilling system. The basic concept of the system is to charge each athlete according to a four letter Pay Code. When you first add an athlete to the database, he or she is automatically given the STD (Standard) pay code. This standard pay code tells SportsBM to refer to the fees assigned to the athlete's group / subgroup combination. Each group may have a separate fee for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth athlete in any given account. If you do not have QuickBilling, then this entry will be of little use. However, the four character default code STD (standard) is placed here regardless. SKP (skip) means do not charge and do not post anything when using QuickBilling.


Medical Information
Click on the Medical tab and enter medical information specific to the athlete.

Custom Information
Click on the Custom tab and enter information for up to 3 Custom Field names. To set up your Custom Athlete Field names, click on Set-up / Preferences / Set-up Preferences.

Click on the Comments tab and type in any information you wish to note about an athlete. Note: this information cannot be printed in any report.


High School or College Team
If you are entering High School or College athletes, be sure to enter their School Year. You can customize how you describe a School Year by adding a School Year Code (For example, you may want to enter School Year Codes of FR, SO, JR, and SR or 9, 10, 11, and 12) - for more information on how to add Codes, see Groups and Subgroups.

Additional Optional Information
Click on the Inactive box to declare an athlete as "inactive.

Group Assignments
Click on the desired combo boxes and assign the athlete to any of the four types of groups. It is very useful to at least assign all athletes to a Group. The Subgroup and TM Group / Subgroup are optional.

·TM Group  
·TM Subgroup  

Join Date

Type in the date or use the calendar menu to select the athlete's joining date.

Registration Button
Click the Registration button, and the USS Registration form will appear.

Click on the OK button to save the information that you have entered about a given athlete that you are adding or editing.

To Edit or Delete an Athlete
To edit an athlete's information, click on Accounts from the SportsBM Main Menu Bar, highlight the correct account, and then highlight the athlete in the Athlete Browser at the bottom of the page. Now either double click on the athlete's name or click on Edit or the Edit icon. To delete an athlete, highlight the athlete in the Athlete Browser at the lower half of the screen, and then click on Delete or the Delete icon. SportsBM will ask for confirmation. Normally you would just make the athlete "Inactive", rather than deleting him/her.