Backup a Database
Restoring your Database
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Backing up a database means making a copy of the database in zipped format on a diskette, zip drive, CD, or your hard drive. Note: If you are using a CD-RW for Backup, the CD must first be formatted using your CD-RW software. Backing up your database is extremely important because it protects you from the loss of your data from accidental cause or from the malfunction of your hardware. Backing up only copies data and does not copy anything that relates to the program itself.

   For example, if your hard disk goes bad, the only way you can recover your database is from a copy of it made on a disk - specifically made by doing a backup.  

It's easy to backup your database, and it only takes a minute or so. Click on
File from the Main Menu Bar and then Backup, and specify a disk drive and directory where you want the data copied. Directions are listed for the different types of backups, diskettes, and CD-RW, and Zip drives. You may also enter "comments" about your backup to be displayed when the database is restored. For example, you might want to enter the comment:

This Backup is for the board and contains current financial information as of May 28, 2003."
If and when this backup is restored, any message created during the backup process will be displayed BEFORE the backup is restored.

NOTE: HY-TEK recommends that you perform the important backup function at the end of each day that you enter or change data. If you are using floppy diskettes for backups, three sets of backups should be maintained and alternated - label them Backup A, Backup B, and Backup C. Also, make a backup before each close-out of invoices and store it in a different location from your computer.  
NOTE: If your backup requires more than one 3½ inch diskette, HY-TEK strongly recommends using a ZIP disk or a CD.