Convert a DOS-BM Database to SportsBM
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If you were a prior user of DOS Business Manager, then you can convert your DOS BM database to the new SportsBM format very easily. From the main SportsBM screen, click File / Convert DOS Business Manager Database. SportsBM will then display a conversion screen such as the one below.


Initially, SportsBM will search c:\bmdata for DOS BM databases and list all of them in the window. Normally you would only have one database, but in the example above, it found 3 databases. Using your cursor, highlight the desired DOS BM database, click the Convert Selected Database button and SportsBM will display a screen enabling you to change the name of the database.


After changing the database name, click OK and the DOS BM database will be converted in a matter of seconds into a NEW database. If there was a currently open database, it is not over-written. Once the entire conversion has been completed, SportsBM will give you an OK button and will then take you to the System Preferences screen where you must verify some basic information such as Base Country and Team Registration Type. Upon completing the System Preferences screen, you are taken back to the main screen where the newly converted database will be open. You can click Accounts to quickly verify the account and athlete information.

NOTE: If you have Archived Transactions in your DOS BM database and if you want that history data to be included in the conversion, you must use DOS BM to import and merge those archived files back into your DOS BM database before converting to SportsBM. To do that, start DOS BM, go to Transactions and select number 7 for Archive Menu and then select number 2 for Import Archived File.  

Your DOS BM Database Is Not in C:\BMDATA

If the Convert DOS Business Manager window is blank, it means
no DOS BM databases were found in c:\bmdata and your DOS BM database must be in a different folder or must be on a different computer.

If you wish to request that
SportsBM look on a different folder or different Hard Drive for DOS BM Databases, from the main screen, click File / Convert DOS Business Manager Database and then click on File from within that windows. Now click Search for DOS Business Manager.


You can pick a different directory or even a different hard drive.


If you wish SportsBM to search your entire hard drive, double click the C:\ root drive and then click Start Search. To search a different Drive letter, select a different drive from the Search Drive drop down combo box. Searching an entire hard drive will take several minutes, so it is better if you know in what directory your DOS BM database is located and simply search that one directory (which will also search all of its sub-directories).

After the search is completed, pick from the list of DOS BM Databases that are displayed and then click on the Convert Selected Database button.

SportsBM and DOS BM Database are on Different Computers

If your DOS BM Database is located on a computer other than the one where SportsBM is installed, run DOS BM on the other computer, go to the Maintenance Menu and select #4 to Rebuild Lists. Then select #1 to Backup the database to a floppy diskette. Take this diskette to the SportsBM computer.

With the backup diskette in Drive A of the
SportsBM computer, and from the main screen of SportsBM, click on File / Convert DOS Business Manager Database. From there, click File and then click Convert DOS Business Manager Backup.


Select the A drive and double click on the backup file named SportsBM will then restore your DOS BM backup to a temporary directory and then proceed with the Database conversion as described in the previous sections.

Convert Checkbook Only

Note that you can convert the Checkbook data independently of the account, athletes and invoice transactions. To do this, check the Convert Checkbook data only check box before clicking Convert Selected Database. You have to have a database already open to convert the checkbook data because this conversion is a "merge" rather than a create new database. Therefore, the Checkbook Only conversion, deletes the checkbook data in the currently open database and then converts the DOS BM checkbook portion and merges it into the currently open database. This is useful in a case where you have already started you regular SportsBM process and then decide later to re-convert the checkbook portion to start over. Or maybe the checkbook portion is in a different DOS BM database.