Export Accounts/Athletes
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Choose your Export Drive and Directory, and then make Export Filter selections, such as Gender, Active/Inactive status, and Groups/Subgroups. From the SportsBM Main Menu Bar, click on File, then Export, then Accounts/Athletes.


If you plan on mailing or taking this information to another computer, specify Drive A as your Export Drive. If you want to e-mail the information, specify any directory on your hard drive as the Export Drive/Directory.

After the export is completed a screen will appear telling you what has been exported and where the export is located.


As seen above, the export data is located on the C drive in the SportsBMData folder, and the name of the file is FLSC-VA-SwimRoster002.ZIP.

Email Data
If you would like to email this data to another person, just use your standard email software and attach the ZIP file. When the meet hosts receive that file, they will import your data.