Getting Started - Overview
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Sports BUSINESS MANAGER for Windows (SportsBM) has been designed to enable coaches, boards of directors, sports team owners, administrators, secretaries, and bookkeepers to effectively and easily manage the financial affairs of a sports team. Although the software employs sophisticated database concepts, Sports BUSINESS MANAGER is designed for the non-user of computers.

The major feature of SportsBM is its ability to send your members one invoice which keeps five separate accounts for each family: dues, entry fees, travel fund, taxable sales, and non-taxable sales. Your members write one check! You need only one checking account instead of three! Additionally, the system gives you the ability to establish an escrow amount (a credit balance amount) for each family's entry fee account and to hold in escrow any credit balances in any of the other four accounts, such as in the travel fund account.

Printing and mailing invoices is a major task for most teams, but SportsBM can make this task simple and fast. The specially designed invoice contains the mailing address and return address so that you can fold it and place it in a double window envelope for mailing. No need for labels, pre-printed envelopes, or pre-printed invoice forms. SportsBM does, however, have an excellent mailing label printing utility.
Sports BUSINESS MANAGER is designed to handle any size team, whether operating from one facility or several facilities. In fact, if your team participates at 10 different locations, SportsBM gives you the capability to keep the 10 or more locations separate for billing purposes, address lists, attendance lists, and all other reports. You may enter an unlimited number of accounts/families and athletes as well as an unlimited number of transactions into the system. SportsBM will let you change or look up your data quicker than you ever believed possible. In addition, for Swimming and Track & Field teams, you can easily move data between all HY-TEK products, such as MEET MANAGERS and TEAM MANAGERS.

One optional feature of Sports BUSINESS MANAGER is its QuickBilling capability. Once your fee structure is set-up, monthly billing of several hundred athletes becomes incredibly quick and easy. Another optional feature is the Checkbook Option, which balances your checkbook and allows you to categorize all payments and deposits for easy to read business reports, including payroll reports. And the Email Invoices option is a real money-saver - no more stamps and envelops.

If you are the owner or manager of the team, keeping up with the day-to-day financial progress is very important. Sports BUSINESS MANAGER has a special feature that enables you to easily monitor the daily operations. At any time, SportsBM can print a report of the day's activities, which includes the following:

·Alphabetical list of all financial transactions posted for the day  
·Bank deposit summary which includes the amount charged and credited in each of five categories  
·Entry fees  
·Travel funds  
·Taxable sales  
·Non-taxable sales  

By reviewing the daily report at the end of each day, you can quickly "
" what is happening with the club.