Import Accounts/Athletes
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The normal procedure for teams that use SportsBM and HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER is to enter family and athlete data into SportsBM first, and then export the data to TEAM MANAGER. However, if your team started with TEAM MANAGER first, and then added SportsBM later, you can save time at start-up by importing Accounts/Athletes from TEAM MANAGER. When exporting from TM, select File / Export / Athletes / Teams and be sure to check the box to "Include Contact & Group Information".

From Sports BM's Main Menu Bar, click on File / Import / Accounts/Athletes. SportsBM will first ask you to select the Drive, Directory, and File Name of the file you wish to Import. If the Accounts/Athletes file is on a diskette, put the diskette into your Drive A and select A from the Windows Open dialog box. SportsBM will select all the files with the following file extensions - HY3 from a TEAM MANAGER Database or Sports Business Manager Database, and ZIP files containing the HY3 files. Pick the one you wish to import and click on OK.

If you selected a ZIP file,
SportsBM will unzip that file into a temporary directory named SportsBMTemp and then ask you to choose the Hy3 file that was extracted.


Check the Data
After you have selected the file you wish to Import, SportsBM will read the file and make various integrity checks to insure the file has good data and is in proper form. At the conclusion of the data integrity checks, SportsBM will display information about the file that was selected including who created the file and when it was created. You can proceed or cancel the import. Next the file is scanned and will display all teams in the file. You select the team you prefer. Most of the time there will be only one team.

Import Options
You have three options when importing.


If you select the first choice to Add New Athletes, any athletes already found in the database will be skipped and their administrative information will not be updated.

NOTE: If you select the first choice, the "Update Groups and Subgroups" check box is not available. If you select the second choice, Update existing address and administrative information, new athletes and their parent account information will NOT be added. Only existing athletes and their parent account information will be updated. This second choice is a good way to update address information only. If you select the third choice, Add and Update, new athletes and their information will be added as well as address and administrative information updated.  

How SportsBM Matches Accounts/Athletes

When you import Accounts/Athletes, SportsBM goes through a specific process to find a match for each Athlete being imported into your Database. SportsBM first looks for an exact match on the athlete ID. If the ID matches, then it checks the last name and gender to verify. If there is no match on the ID, then SportsBM looks for a match of Last Name, First name, Initial, and Gender. If all of these match, then SportsBM imports the data for that athlete. If there is no match, and you have indicated that you want to add new athletes, then a screen such as the following one appears and allows you to verify the account and either add the account or select from an existing account for which to attach the athlete.

To add the athlete and new account as is, click the Add Now button. To skip adding this athlete, click the Skip this Athlete button. To attach the athlete to an existing account, select one of the accounts listed by checking the left side check box, change the Account Choice to "Add new athlete to account selected below", and then click Add Now. It is important that you select an existing account in the case of brothers and sisters when one of the brothers or sisters is already in the database.

Upon completing the import, you will have the option to create a report detailing who was and was not imported. A typical message is displayed below.