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Entry fees by athlete can be imported from HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER or HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER. This is currently only available for two sports: Swimming & Track & Field. In order to do this import, it is very important to make sure that the meet host has provided you with the correct file or else you will not be able to import the results into your SportsBM Database.

Examples of Files you can Import
CFILE01.CL2Meet Results from WIN-MM 1.4 in Swimming  
NAC-MeetEntries-001.hy3Meet Entries from TM 4 for Swimming  
NAC-MeetResults-001.hy3Meet Results from MM 2.0 in Swimming  
PLY-IN-Entries001.zipMeet Entries from TM 4 for Swimming  
TCL01-01.tclTrack & Field MM or TM  

From the
Main Menu Bar, click on File / Import / Meet Entry Fees. SportsBM will first ask you to select the Drive, Directory, and File Name of the file you wish to Import. If the file is on a diskette, put the diskette into your Drive A, and select A from the Windows Open dialog box. SportsBM will select all the files with the following file extensions - HY3, CL2, and ZIP if Swimming and TCL and ZIP if Track & Field. Pick the one you wish to import, and click on OK.

If you selected a ZIP file,
SportsBM will unzip that file into a temporary directory named SportsBMTemp and then ask you to choose from the list of files that were extracted (usually there will only be one file to choose).

NOTE: You can only import 1 team's entry fees at a time.  

A screen will appear with the charges as set up in TEAM MANAGER or MEET MANAGER. You can modify them or add to them from this screen.

Check the Data

After you have selected the file you wish to Import, SportsBM will read the file and make various integrity checks. These checks are important because you do not want to import "bad data". SportsBM will also display information about the file that was selected including who created the file and when. Because the import file may have more than one team's entries, you now be prompted to select a team for importing entry fees (select only 1 team).

If the import file is from MEET MANAGER, you have several choices as shown in the screen below:


If the import file is from TEAM MANAGER, you will see a screen that looks like the following:


Click OK to start the Importing process. A screen like the one below will appear that shows the fees being imported. If you want to change the Individual Event fee and/or the Relay Event fee, check the 2nd check box above and alter the fee. Otherwise the fees within the import file will be used and it is possible that fees vary from one event to another. If an Account Number has a ?, it means the athlete name was not found in the database, maybe because it is misspelled. If you know the account number, click on the ? mark and enter the account number. SportsBM will not import any fees for athletes that do not have a valid account number.


If you wish to post the fees as shown, click on
Post to Accounts; if you wish to exit without posting the fees as shown, click on Close Without Posting.

Note that charges will only be posted for athletes that have an account number listed in the Acct # column.

Click the Printer Icon at the top left to create a report of what will be posted.