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Open a NEW Database

Immediately after installing
SportsBM for the first time, no data is open and no database has been created. You must start a new database using the "Starting a New Database" instructions below.

Starting a New Database: If you wish to create a New Database, click File/Open/New and type a new Database name in the text box for File name, and SportsBM will create a database with that name and will take you through the initial Set-Up for System Preferences. For readability, use upper and lower case and give meaning to the database file name such as "Dolphins SportsBM Database". There is a limit of 50 characters for the database name.

When you start
SportsBM from your Windows desktop, SportsBM will automatically Open the last database that you used. But if you click on File from the Main Menu Bar, SportsBM will display, just below the word Exit, a list of the 10 most recent Databases that have been opened. As a shortcut, just click on the one that you want, and SportsBM will Open it for you.

If you do not see the Database that you want to open on
SportsBM's "most recent" list, click on Open/New, and SportsBM will display the standard Windows file directory lookup screen. SportsBM will default to the SportsBMData directory/folder and list any Databases that it recognizes. If you still do not see the one you are looking for, pick another disk drive and directory/folder, and SportsBM will display the list of databases that it finds in that particular directory/folder.

Open a Database That Was Previously Created

Click on File and at the bottom of the File pull-down menu window, SportsBM will show a list of the last 10 SportsBM databases that have been opened. Just click on the one you wish to open, and SportsBM will do the rest. If you wish to open a database that is not on the most recent list, click on Open/New, and SportsBM will display a standard Windows directory screen. SportsBM will default to the directory name SportsBMData - we suggest that you keep all of your SportsBM Databases in this directory.

SportsBM will display a list of the SportsBM Databases that have been previously created. Pick the one you wish to open and then click on the
Open button. SportsBM will open that Database and return to the SportsBM Main Menu.