Restore a Database
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Restoring a database means to copy the database information from a backup disk(s) onto your hard drive. If you wish to Restore a SportsBM database, you always have to use a set of Backup disk(s) created from a SportsBM backup process. Please click Here for information on How to Backup Your Database.

You may want to restore your database from a previously created backup because:

·You want to set up your database on another computer.  
·Your hard drive was bad and you sent it out to be repaired. When it was returned to you, the hard drive did not contain your SportsBM database and now you want to put back your database to continue your work.  
·You entered incorrect information into your database and want to go back to a previous point. Rather then deleting the incorrect information, you may want to "restore" your database back to where it was before you entered the incorrect information.  

Click on
File from the Main Menu bar and then Restore.


Select your disk drive and if the backup is on disk, put that disk into that drive.
SportsBM will offer you three options:
1.Replace currently opened Database - default selection.  
2.Unzip and copy to currently opened folder.  
3.Unzip and copy to a selected folder. This choice is designed for you to restore your backup into another directory/folder so that if it's the wrong backup or is damaged, you will not wipe out your currently opened database.  

Warning: If you choose option 1, the information in the database that you have currently opened WILL BE OVERLAID with the information in the Database that is being restored.  

If you have selected options 2 or 3, you can automatically open the restored database by clicking on the
Open Database after Restore
check box and you can rename the database if you check the
Rename database to
check box. If you select option 3, SportsBM will ask you to specify a folder (directory) to which to copy the Database.

NOTE: If you receive Dynazip errors during the Restore, it is probably because you are using multiple 3 1/2 inch diskettes that have media errors. You might want to reformat new diskettes and try the backup/restore again. HY-TEK recommends using a ZIP disk or a CD if your database backup does not fit on one 3 1/2 inch diskette.