How to Email Invoices
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Emailing Invoices Setup

Emailing Invoices uses the same procedures as printing one or more invoices. Use the following steps to email invoices.

1.Setup your email parameters for the SMTP server by going to Setup / Facility and Invoice Setup / Emailing Invoices. Enter your SMTP and POP3 server information.  
2.Setup your email introductory message by going to Setup / Favorites / Invoice Email Messages. You must create and select a message as the favorite to be included with each email containing the invoice. To select your message, click Select Email Message and the Invoice Email Messages windows appears and you can add, edit or delete from your message list and you can select your Favorite message to be included as the introductory paragraph of each email containing an invoice.  
3.Go to Accounts and be sure each account that is to receive an emailed invoice has an email address. If the secondary address is the one that will receive the billing be sure the first person has an email address. In addition, as shown below, there is an Email Billing checkbox for you to indicate that the account is to be billed by email instead of by printing and mailing.  

4.   Go to Accounts / Invoices and click the
Email Only radio button at the bottom right. Now select your accounts and click the Email Invoices button at the bottom right of the screen. After the emailing is completed, you will receive a report that details what action was taken with each account. The action will indicate each account that was successful and indicate each one where there was an error and what the error was.