How to Use Team Registration Online
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Registered Users
Before importing the information from Team Registration Online, please make sure you have received the User Name and Password from Active. Then click on Team Registration Online at the top of the Main Menu or click on File / Import / Team Registration Online. After you have entered a date range to check for new sign ups, click on the Download Team Registration button and SportsBM will connect with the Active web site and download the registered groups and registration sign ups that you previously set up with Active. If you have more than one set of registered groups defined, then SportsBM will ask you to select the groups you wish to import such as shown below.


In the sample above, there are three Registered Groups. You may use the Clear All button to remove all the check marks if there are many in the list and then check the ones you want to download. After making your selections, click the Download Team Registration button and SportsBM will download and display the new sign up/registrations that have taken place based on the Start and End dates you specified (see the screen shot below).

The End Date defaults to Today and the Start Date defaults to 30 days before Today. The Start Date is the key filter you would use to exclude registration sign ups that you have previously downloaded.

NOTE:   Just because Team Registration Online indicates a swimmer already exists in your database does not mean that some of his/her information has not been changed online. In general, it would make sense to import the swimmers that are in the Team Registration Online import whether they already exist in your database or not in order to update the existing swimmer information with "new" information that may have been entered online.     

CAUTION:    If you import the Team Registration Online swimmers and later edit their information using SportsBM and then subsequently import the same information again, SportsBM will overlay the existing information about that swimmer with the information that was in the Team Registration Online import. For example, if you change a swimmer's telephone number because the Mom sent you an email, the swimmer's "old" telephone number in the online data would replace the one you just manually updated.     


You can sort the list you downloaded either by Last Name or Birth Date. You may choose which ones you wish to import into your SportsBM Database or click on the Select All Import Boxes button. Note the Facility column in the list. If the facility is blank, then the Assign New Athletes to Facility combo box choice will be used to assign the Athlete and Family to a facility. SportsBM will also let you know if any of these swimmers already exist and give you the choice of updating their information already in your SportsBM Database. Click on the Create Report button to create a report of the basic athlete and address information that has been downloaded from Team Registration Online. This gives you a preview of what is available to be imported. Make your selections of what swimmers you want to import using the check boxes to the far left and then click on the Import Selected Swimmers button. SportsBM will then add any new swimmers and families to your SportsBM Database and edit swimmer and family information that already exists for the selected swimmers.

NOTE:   SportsBM decides that a swimmer exists based on a match of Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial (if not blank) and Gender.  
   SportsBM decides that a family exists for this swimmer based on a match of either the Primary Last Name and Primary First Name of parent 1 or a match of the Primary Last Name and Primary First Name of parent 2.  

After the import is completed, a message box appears with the statistics of how many swimmers were added and edited. This message box gives you the option to create a report that describes which swimmers were added, which swimmers were edited, and which swimmers were not imported due to insufficient information. It is highly recommended that you create and print this summary report.