Invoice Subcategories
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If you need more detailed information about a particular invoice category, you can use invoice subcategories. For example, within the Dues category, you may want to know how much was for registration fees. Thus you could receive a check for $100.00 and apply it to the Dues category and then divide it into subcategories of $60 for Training Fees and $40 for Registration Fees.

You can add any desired subcategories and optionally provide a full description. From the Main Menu, click on
Set-up / Invoice Subcategories. SportsBM opens to the following category defaults. Click on the Add, Edit, or Delete commands or Icons to personalize the program for your needs. Click on Report for a printout of your Invoice Subcategories.


These subcategories will only appear on the Transactions Summaries Report if you click on the radio button "Subcategory" under Transaction Sort. The subcategories are used to keep track of different aspects of the larger categories. For instance, under the Travel Fund category, you might have subcategories such as Swim-a-thon, Wrapping Paper Sales, Bingo, etc.