Invoice Parameters
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To setup your Invoice Parameters, from the Main Menu, click on Set-up / Facility and Invoice Set-up.


Invoice Return Address
·Fill in your Invoice Return Address which will be the same for all invoices for all facilities. However, the Return Address Name for a given invoice will be the Return Address Name for the facility that the account is assigned to. See Add or Edit Facilities for how to change the Return Address Name.  
·When printing invoices, you have the option to move the return address, the return phone, and the return address of the account up to 10 spaces to the right so as to custom fit envelopes with see through address windows.  

Invoice Parameters
·Entry Fee Trigger Amount: Enter an Entry Fee Trigger Amount to have the escrow account automatically charged. The Entry Fee Trigger Amount only applies to the 2nd Invoice category, regardless of its description. Enter an amount from -99.99 to -0.01, and this trigger amount will be used to determine when an additional amount will be charged to a particular account. If an account's Entry Fee Escrow Amount is $100.00 as set up in the Accounts Menu, and the Entry Fee balance is a $5.00 credit and the trigger amount is a $10 credit (-10.00), then $95.00 will be added to the invoice and labeled as "Add to Escrow". In this example, if the account has $10 or more Entry Fee credit balance, then nothing extra will be added to the invoice. If the trigger amount is set to zero, then the trigger amount will NOT be used and the "Add to Escrow" feature will not be used.  
·Sales Tax: Include your state's Sales Tax for taxable items. Click Here for Sales Tax information.  
·Show Invoice # on invoices: If you want to have unique invoice numbers on each invoice, check the box for Show Invoice # on invoices. Also enter the invoice # you wish to start with.  
·Split Invoice into 2 Ck Payables: If you need to have two "Check Payable To" names on invoices, check the box under Invoice Parameters that says Split Invoice into 2 Ck Payables. This allows you to have one check payable for dues to say the YMCA and another check payable to for the other four invoice categories payable to the Club. You can divide the categories in any combination between the two check payable to names. An extra column will appear in the invoice categories grid to enable you to mark which categories apply to the "2nd check payable to name." Plus a second column will appear in the Facilities grid to allow you to enter the name for the 2nd Payable To.