Invoice Subcategories
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The SportsBM billing system gives you a great deal of flexibility and simplifies many tasks. Your members will appreciate the system because it allows them to write just one check per billing period to cover all of the account categories: dues, entry fee, travel fund, and taxable and non-taxable sales. It also makes it easy for you to post checks to the various categories in each account. In addition, you have the option to include a message on each invoice.

To fully take advantage of the
SportsBM system, the following four steps are recommended but not required.

1.Consolidate all of your organization's checking accounts into one business checking account. This will reduce bank charges, check printing costs, and administration time in balancing checkbooks. If this is not possible, then you can still have the members write one check, deposit the checks in the main account and then, as often as is necessary, transfer money to the entry fee and/or travel fund accounts according to the amounts listed on the Daily Report. See the Reports /Account Financials / Financial Summaries / "Charge and Credit Totals" for a report which lists the total charges and credits for each of the five invoice categories for any month.  
2.Open an organization money market account to hold surplus funds from the business checking account. Simply transfer money back and forth (probably not more than twice per month) as needed for day-to-day operations to maximize the interest earned in the money market account.  
3.Print two copies of the invoices. After printing invoices, mail one copy and place the second copy alphabetically in one stack. As checks come in, pull the appropriate invoice copy, write the check number and amount on the invoice, and place the check and invoice together (not stapled) in the in-box for the computer operator who enters the transactions into the computer.  
4.Buy double window #9 envelopes for mailing your invoices. The invoice contains the mailing address and the return address which will show through the double windows, thus eliminating the need for mailing labels and/or envelopes with a pre-printed return address.  
5.Or, instead of or in conjunction with #4, email the invoices to those accounts that have an email address. This would require purchasing the Email Invoices option.