Memorized Transactions
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This is by far the most powerful feature of the Checkbook Option. It allows you to save an unlimited number of complete transactions for later use. Memorized transactions save all Categories, Subcategories, and Transfers that are included, even if the transaction memorized is a split transaction. The only parts that will not be memorized are the transaction date, the check number, and the reconciliation status. The screen below shows a few memorized transactions.


You can Add, Edit or Delete from the list. If you click Split, you can enter up to 15 categories / subcategories. Click Categories or Subcategories at the top to add or edit to your category and subcategory list. The easiest way to add memorized transactions is to select a transaction in the Checkbook Register and then press Ctrl-M. If there is a memorized transaction already saved with the same Payee, you will have the option to Replace it or to Add it as a new memorized transaction.