SportsBM Product Options
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Sports BUSINESS MANAGER for Windows (SportsBM) is available in a Start-Up version with no options. You may add up to 4 options. The options may be ordered to support the different needs of your sports programs. To find out what options are included in your SportsBM release, click on Help, then About, and SportsBM will display the options that were shipped with your product.

·QuickBilling Option - once your fee structure is set-up, monthly billing of several hundred athletes becomes incredibly quick and easy.  
·Checkbook Option - balances your checkbook and allows you to categorize all payments and deposits for easy to read business reports, including payroll reports.  
·Email Invoices - Save money and time by Emailing your invoices directly to your Accounts.  
·Pro Network - allows several computers to simultaneously share one common Database.  

If you need any of these options, click
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