Print Invoices
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From the Main Menu, click on Accounts / Invoices.


From the Invoices Menu, select the accounts you want to print invoices for by clicking the check boxes in the Select column. To select all accounts, click the Select All button. By default, the menu displays accounts from all facilities. To display accounts from one facility, use the Facility combo box. Normally you would only bill active accounts, but to show Inactive Only or both Active and Inactive, click the appropriate radio button.

NOTE: None of the account information in the Invoices Menu can be edited. The balances, activity, facility, email address and account escrow amount is for information only.  

When creating invoices for printing or emailing, you have several options for what is on the invoice and how they will display.

The transactions on the invoice can be sorted in two ways: Invoice Code (Invoice Category) Posting Date.  

In addition, you have the option to show athlete names at the upper right of each invoice and to have a 1 to 8 line message at the end of each invoice. To select your message, click
Select Message
and the
Invoice Messages windows appears and you can add, edit or delete from your message list and you can select your Favorite message to be included with the invoices. Click Here for more on Invoice Messages. If you only want to send invoices to accounts that have a balance due greater than or equal to a certain amount, say $50, click the check box Skip If Balance Due Is Less Than and enter 50.00. This amount can be any amount including a negative amount. To save paper, clicking the Skip If No Transactions and Balance Due is Zero will skip printing invoices that owe nothing and have had no activity. However, if you are sending a newsletter with each invoice, then you would go ahead and print invoices for all accounts, regardless of account activity or balance due.

How to Email Invoices

NOTE: Email Invoices is an additional option that may be purchased and added to the basic SportsBM program. To see if you have this option, from the Main Menu of SportsBM, click Help / About. Click Here for information on ordering any additional options.