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This section describes how to post charges or credits to many accounts very quickly. There are three parts to QuickBilling:

·QuickBill Fees - This feature can charge every athlete their monthly dues fee in a matter of seconds.  
·Transaction by Account - This feature can charge or credit a group of selected accounts the same fee simultaneously.  
·Transaction by Athlete - This feature allows you to select a group of athletes and charge or credit their parent account the same fee simultaneously.  

NOTE: QuickBilling is an additional option that may be purchased in addition to the basic SportsBM program. To see if you have this option, from the Main Menu of SportsBM, click Help / About. Click Here for information on ordering any additional options.  

To display the QuickBilling Menu, from the Main Menu, click on
Accounts / QuickBilling


QuickBill Fees Concept
It is very likely that more than half of your organization pays the same amount every month for training fees (sometimes called "dues" or "tuition"). It is also probable that your organization has some sort of annual fee like "annual registration" or "annual contribution to the travel fund". The QuickBilling option is designed to minimize the effort to handle these repetitive charges.

QuickBill Fees is one of the features of QuickBilling and it is designed to charge each athlete according to a one to four character "Pay Code" which is assigned to the athlete. When you first add an athlete, the "Pay Code" defaults to STD, the standard charge code. This STD pay code tells SportsBM to refer to the fees assigned to an athlete's group / subgroup. Each group and/or group / subgroup combination may have a separate fee for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth athlete in a given account. To assign the fees for each group / subgroup combination, refer to the Standard Fees and Special Fees sections below. If an athlete is NOT to be charged the standard fee for the group / subgroup he or she is placed in, then use the Special Fee Codes. You can create any number of 1 to 4 character Special Fee Codes. For example, you could create one named HALF and have that mean the athlete gets a one half dues rate. When QuickBill Fees is run, it looks at all athletes in a given account and gathers what the first athlete rate is for each of the athletes in the account. The most expensive fee is then charged to the athlete with the highest first athlete rate. Then remaining athletes are scanned for their second athlete rate and the one with the highest second athlete rate is charged. This process continues through the fifth athlete within an account and if there are more than five athletes in one account, the remainder are all charged the fifth athlete rate. If the policy is for the fourth athlete and beyond to be free, then the charge codes fees for the fourth and fifth athlete should be zero.

QuickBill Fees
First, select the accounts from the top. You can filter by
Facility or Account Activity. To select all accounts, click on Select All or individually select accounts by checking in the Select column. Use the Groups and Subgroups filters at the bottom of the screen to further filter. If you wish to use Selected Groups or Selected Subgroups, click the appropriate radio button and then click on the box to the right of your choice. Your groups or subgroups will appear in a pop up box, and you can select your choices from that box and click OK.

From the bottom of the QuickBilling screen, click on the
QuickBill Fees tab to charge monthly fees according to the Standard Group Fees and the Special Charge Code Fees assigned to each active athlete.


When you run
QuickBill Fees, you simply enter the Code, such as D for "Dues", a description of the charge, such as "February dues", and the date for posting, which can be different than the current date. Maybe you want to have the posting date be the first of the month and you want to complete this task on the 28th. If you wish to put a limit on the maximum fee that can be charged to a single account, click the Maximum Charge per Account check box and type in the maximum amount. For example, you may have a cap of $150 for a given account and this account might have 4 athletes that total $200 in dues charges. The check box would revise the charge to $150 and the Posting List would indicate that the $200 was adjusted to $50. You have the option to select all groups or a selected set of groups for billing. If your fees are based simply on groups and not on groups in combination with subgroups, then use the Ignore button for subgroups. If you use selected groups, a screen such as the one below will appear for you to select the particular groups. Just check the Sel check box for those groups to include. Selected subgroups work the same way. Note that inactive athletes are never included in the QuickBilling routines.


After you have entered your choices, click the
Start Billing button and a Posting List will appear such as the one below.


From the QuickBilling Posting List, you can click the printer icon to create a report of the list. If you see anything that is incorrect, click the Close Without Posting button, make your corrections to the pay codes or activity of athletes and then perform the QuickBill Fees function again. Notice in the example above the adjustment to account #350 which exceeded the maximum charge. The actual charge to the account will be the $200 and will not show the $20 reduction.

Once you are satisfied that the posting list is correct, click the
Post To Accounts button and all accounts on the list will be charged in a matter of seconds. To verify the charges, you can select an account in the Accounts Menu and look at the transactions or create some invoices. In addition, you could create a Daily report to see a full list or go to Reports / Account Financials / Transaction Summaries.