Registration Check Report
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From the Main Menu, click on Reports / Administrative / Registration Check.

This report verifies the athletes against the LSC's USA Swimming Registration file. A swim organization may want to set up a process to periodically register athletes. This registration may take place at the team level and then each team would export the registration information for the athletes to a central Registration Database. The particular Athlete registration setup, report, and export in
SportsBM is specifically designed to accommodate USA Swimming's National Registration process.

This report is designed to check the athletes in your Database/Team/Group against a standard semi-colon delimited Registration File. This is a great way to check that your athletes have the correct registration ID, name spelling, and birth date. This report and the accompanying Browser currently support the USA Swimming Registration .RE1 export file.

You can click on the
Browse Reg File button to view the registration information contained in the .RE1 Registration File that you selected for the Report.