Reports / Labels
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This Section describes all the various reports that are available from SportsBM. The only labels available are Mailing Labels found in the Administrative Reports section.

NOTE: The Checkbook Reports are described Here under the Checkbook Menu Section.  

Click on Reports from the Main Menu Bar and then choose from the following types of reports:
·Administrative (includes labels)  
·Account Financials  
·Athlete Registration  

Athlete Registration
only applies to Swimming.

NOTE: SportsBM offers numerous reports under the groupings of Administrative, Account Financials, and Labels.  

NOTE: All Administrative Reports have the same filters listed at the bottom half of the screen. The top half of the screen changes with the various report selections.  

Administrative Report Choices

Addresses / Account Lists  
Athlete Rosters  
Attendance Lists  
Mailing Labels  
Medical / Custom Info  
Registration Check  

Account Financials

Account Balances  
Transaction Summaries  
Financial Summaries  
Athlete Posting Lists  


Mailing Labels  

Preview Screen Tool Bar

The Preview Screen Tool Bar is displayed on the top of each report's Preview Window.


® Click on the "X" on the left side of the Tool Bar to close the Preview Window.

® The left and right arrows allow you navigate through the pages of the report.

® Click on the Printer icon to actually start printing the report. You will be given the option to print the current page or a specific set of pages for each report - for example, print only pages 11-14.

® Click on the Printer Setup icon to select the printer that you wish to use for this report. HY-TEK suggests you set up your printer defaults using Printer Preferences.

® Click on the Export Report icon to export your report to Excel, Lotus, Microsoft's Word, CSV file, HTML, rich text, etc. HTML is the format used to display the report on the Internet. If you are going to use the report Export for this, HY-TEK suggests using the Draft 3.0 Standard from the pull-down list.

® Click on the Preview Sizing arrow to resize the Preview Window.

It is highly recommended that you NOT use
Dot-Matrix printers for reports because the true type fonts will cause the printer to print very slowly. Using a Dot-Matrix for entry cards and labels should print quickly as there are specific choices for dot-matrix printers.

If you have problems printing on the Dot-Matrix printer, please go to your printer vendor's web site and download the latest printer driver. Please note that Windows NT does not have drivers for many of the older Dot-Matrix printers.