Sales Tax
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Include your state's Sales Tax for taxable items. This will only be used for the 4th invoice category which is initially named Taxable Sales. When a charge transaction is entered using the 4th invoice category, the taxable amount is internally calculated and stored. When adding a transaction to an account, you enter the full amount of the transaction including the sales tax.

Total amounts posted to
taxable sales should include the sales tax amount in the figure. SportsBM will "back out" the sales tax amount from the total when doing the monthly sales tax report (part of the Financial Summaries Report). The Sales Tax Report assumes that the amounts posted for each taxable sale include the sales tax amount. In addition, the sales tax is calculated from the amount charged, not the amount collected.

To set-up your state's sales tax, from the Main Menu, click on
Set-up / Facility and Invoice Set-up. Now go to the bottom right of the screen under Invoice Parameters and enter the state sales tax percent.

Save Invoice Data to save your work.