Split Transaction
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A split transaction means that a payment or deposit in a bank account is divided into more than one category. The limit on the split is that it may be divided into 15 different categories. There are three ways to enter a split transaction:

1.When a transaction in the register is selected, click Split at the top of the Register.  
2.When adding a transaction, click the Split button.  
3.When editing a transaction, click the Split button.  
In all cases the sum of the split categories should add up to the payment or the deposit amount. Here is a simple split transaction screen with two categories for a $75 check payment:


As you add categories, the math is performed and the upper right of the screen shows you the difference between the transaction amount and the sum total of the category amounts. Note that amounts can be negative numbers, but the total must be a positive number.

To enter categories to the screen above, click the down arrow in a given cell. That will display a category list such as one shown on a previous page. When you click any cell within the Category or Subcategory column, the down arrow appears for you to make your selection.