Speed Add
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This routine is designed primarily for posting entry fee charges or monthly dues charges and is used effectively in conjunction with the Athlete Posting Reports available from the Reports Menu.

Write down the amounts on the Athlete Posting Reports and then use those sheets to quickly enter your
SpeedAdd transactions.

SpeedAdding Similar Transactions
To create a SpeedAdd Transaction, from the Main Menu, click on Accounts / SpeedAdd.


1.Select a Code by using the combo box.  
2.Select a Date by using the calendar menu.  
3.Type in a description of the transaction (ex: Memorial Day Meet Fees)  
4.Select either Charge or Credit.  
5.Use the account filter to reduce the account list to one facility and/or active only, inactive only, or both active and inactive.  

Now, for each account to be charged, enter the amount in the Amount column. Skip over the accounts that do not need to be charged. For example, when posting entry fee charges for a particular meet, the date, the name of the meet, and the account category remain the same for all accounts entered in the meet. The speed adding routine allows you to enter just the amount of the entry fee charge in the column next to the correct account.
SportsBM will then post the date, the transaction description, and the category for you. The posting of monthly dues could also be done this way. For example, assuming the description in 'May dues", the date is "07/01/03", and the category is "D", you would merely post the amount for each account. At any time, you can click the printer icon to see what the entire posting will look like. After you have entered the charge or credit amounts, click the button Post to Accounts. A screen will appear with the following message: "Begin posting? You can create a report before posting by clicking the printer icon." This message reminds you to create a report in case you have not done so.

After the program has completed posting the amounts, a message will pop up to tell you how many transactions were posted. Click OK, and you will return to the Accounts Menu. All
SpeedAdd transactions can be printed in the Daily Report or in the Transactions Report.