Standard Fees
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Each athlete has a Pay Code which is a 1 to 4 character code that is used by the QuickBill Fees routine described earlier. Every athlete starts out with a Pay Code of STD which means use the group and subgroup fee structure to know what the athlete should be charged for training fees. Each group and subgroup combination may have a separate fee for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth member in a given Account. To enter/edit/view the Standard Group Fees according to groups and subgroups (numerous possibilities), from the Main Menu, click on Accounts / QuickBilling, and at the bottom of the page, click on the tab Standard Fees. If your billing system is based strictly on groups and does not use subgroups, then leave the Show Subgroups check box unchecked as shown below. To edit the fee amounts, simply edit any grid cell directly.


NOTE: If an athlete is not to be charged the standard fee for the group / subgroup he or she participates in, then change the athlete's Pay Code from STD to one of the Special Fees described in the next section.  

If you have a more complex fee structure using subgroups in addition to groups, then check the
Show Subgroups
check box and your Standard Group Fees grid will look something like the one below. Note the huge number of possibilities that give you a great deal of flexibility.