Starting from Scratch
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It's easy and fast to Get Started using the SportsBM Set-Up and Customization features. Here is a basic step-by-step procedure for getting started, assuming you do not have a Database set up yet for your organization.

Step 1: Open and Customize your Database Set-Up
Click on File then Open/New and type in the desired name of your new Database in the File Name area, and click on Open.  


After you Open a New Database, SportsBM will automatically route you to the System Preferences screen so that you may customize a number of parameters that will be used by SportsBM in setting up your Database.  


The Default Team Registration, Base Country, Team Abbreviation, and Team Name are required. If your Default Team Registration is USS, the Default LSC is also required.  

Step 2: Facility and Invoice Setup
From the Main Menu Bar, click on Setup / Facility and Invoice Setup.  
Click on the Edit Facility icon, and the following screen will appear.  

Change the text fields to match your team. All fields are mandatory. The Code can be up to 3 characters. The Facility Name can be up to 23 characters while the Return Address and the Check Payable lines both take up to 30 characters. To add more facilities, click the Add Facility icon.  
Invoice Categories
The invoice categories default to the choices shown on the screen below.      


To edit any of the Invoice Categories above, click on the Edit icon or double click one of the rows. Before making any changes to these categories, think through what your major categories should be. Note: You cannot change the order, and you cannot add more invoice categories.  


The Report Descriptions are for column headers. To understand how Entry Fee Escrow works, go to Add or Edit Accounts/Athletes.  
Step 3: Report Preferences
From the Main Menu Bar, click on Setup / Preferences / Report Preferences. Type in Report Headers and punctuation choices. Select your printer for reports and labels.  

Step 4: Groups and Subgroups
From the Main Menu Bar, click on Setup / Groups and Subgroups. Names for Groups and Subgroups are used for various reports and QuickBilling. Click Here for more information on Groups and Subgroups.  

Step 5: Accounts
From the Main Menu Bar, click on Accounts.  
·Add Accounts  
·Add Athletes to each account.  

Step 6: Enter Start-up Previous Balances
If there are any Start-up Previous Balances, go to Accounts and click Transactions at the top. Select any account and then click the Dollar Sign icon. When you start using SportsBM, many of the accounts that you enter will already have a current balance due. In order to transfer accounts from your previous accounting system to SportsBM, you will need to enter the account balances and the effective date of those account balances for each account. A minus amount means it is a credit balance.  


Step 7: QuickBilling Standard Fees
If you have the QuickBilling option, you will need to setup your group billing matrix which requires that you have already setup your athlete groups. Click Accounts / Quickbilling / Standard Fees and edit any group to enter the amounts to be charged for the 1st through 5th athlete within the same account. For more information, refer to the Quickbilling section.  
Step 8: Emailing Invoices
If you have the Emailing Invoices option, go to How to Email Invoices.  
Step 9: Checkbook
If you have the Checkbook option, go to the Checkbook Menu.