System Preferences
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Depending on the sport chosen, there are several of the System Preference items that are required. Base Country is required for all sports. These "System Preferences" can be changed at any time.


Sport Designation

Click from the list below to select the appropriate sport:


Account Defaults
As illustrated in the sample menu below, you can set up defaults to save yourself time when entering information. SportsBM will use these values whenever that information is required in the Accounts Menu. Choose your base country from the combo box, then optionally type in the name of the most common city. The selections for default state will vary depending upon the Base Country chosen.


Swimming Defaults
Select a Default Team Registration and a Default LSC. SportsBM will use these values whenever that information is required in the Athlete or Set-up.


SportsBM will use the Team Registration choice to format the Athlete's registration ID.

Swimming Team Registration
   AUST for Australian Swimming
   NZSF for New Zealand Swim Federation
   OTH for Other or No Registration
   SSA for Swimming South Africa
   UK for the United Kingdom
   USS for USA Swimming

If you are using SportsBM to exchange data with any of HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER or MEET MANAGER software programs in Swimming or Track & Field, the Default Team Abbreviation and Default Team Name are required. This abbreviation is 4 characters for all sports except swimming where it is 5 characters. In Swimming, the Abbreviation and Team Name are also used for USA Swimming registration.


Athlete Custom Fields
can store information for up to three Custom Fields for each Athlete. The custom fields may be named, and then information can be entered for each field for any athlete. For example, you might want to keep track of athlete uniform sizes, parent volunteer information about each athlete - who has volunteered to time, to run the snack stand, to setup prior to a meet, etc., or car pool data.