TEAM MANAGER for Swimming
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TEAM MANAGER for Swimming is designed to automate the clerical tasks associated with managing and coaching a swim team, including workout management. TM can be used by one team, a swim league, or even a USA Swimming LSC. Here are a few of the reports and functions that TM can perform:

·Roster Report (Many formats)  
·Record Keeping (e.g. tracking pool, meet and team records)  
·Time Standards (Tagging swimmers= times with the appropriate time standards - e.g. AAA, AA, A, BB, B  
·Top Times Report (e.g. Top 5 for 50 Free since 4/12/95)  
·Mailing Labels and Deck Labels/Cards (for your next meet)  
·Ribbon Labels (based on the place finish or improvement)  
·USA Swimming Registration  
·Graph Swimmer's Performance (over the season)  
·Conversion from Meters to Yards and Yards to Meters  
·Recruiting Reports & NISCA Power Points  
·Hot Sync Swimmer information and times to and from Pro SWIMMER for Palm OS®  
·Set up and manage workouts and training  

When you return from a meet, enter your team's results directly into your TM II database using your keyboard or by importing a Meet Result diskette or e-mail file. You do not have to enter your swimmers' names – TM will display all the eligible swimmers for a particular event. Just select a swimmer and enter his/her time.

Before an upcoming meet, use TM's "point and shoot" screen to declare who is swimming what events. Print a "Meet Entry" report and then click on File then Export to put those entries onto a diskette to send to the host team.


WORKOUT MANAGER is a coach's tool optional feature that has been integrated into TEAM MANAGER
so that, when creating workouts and predicting training paces, it can utilize the already available athlete rosters and best times without having to move data back and forth between multiple products. Created with the busy coach in mind, WORKOUT MANAGER is intuitive and time saving with its easy to use menus and windows navigation features. Most coaches are responsible for 8 to 24 swimmers in anywhere from 2 to 4 lanes in each session. Therefore it is imperative that the coach be able to create workouts for each lane quickly and easily. WORKOUT MANAGER permits multiple workout windows to be open at the same time where you can cut and paste between workouts and use designs from previous workouts. While creating a workout, a running time line, total yardage and the total stress level is shown to enable you to get the maximum out of a workout. In addition, you can see the amount of each stroke and the amount of each energy system being designed in. When you assign a particular workout to a group/subgroup, all swimmers in that group have their attendance and yardage statistics automatically updated.

With the Training option, you can record any kind of test set and you can predict training paces from recorded T-30 test sets. The Training option also has been designed to be able to upload statistics on your swimmers to Web based training programs and then be able to download workouts designed by those web based program. With the Pace Clock option, you can upload workouts into various pace clocks that are available in the market place. This is a great time saving feature since it is time consuming to manually load data into these pace clocks. See more about the Pace Clock option in the WORKOUT MANAGER options section.

TM and WORKOUT MANAGER is the latest in swim team automation technology! Check it out at