Team Registration Online
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This option is only available when SportsBM is setup with Swimming as the Sport within System Preferences.

No more filling out paper sign up and registration forms each year to sign up or register your swimmers! Just complete our easy to use Team Registration menu from your computer and submit it with your registration payment ONLINE! Then your team administrator can download that information directly into SportsBM - no keying, no misspellings - just a couple mouse clicks to import your team's registration sign ups into your SportsBM database.

The Active Network, the parent company of HY-TEK Sports Software and the leader in internet based team registration, offers the most robust and complete swim team registration and payment processing platform available. Use Team Registration Online (TRO) to collect your team member registrations and information, and simplify your team management process.

   NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet before continuing with this process.    


Download and install the current SportsBM 5.1 and click on Team Registration Online at the top of the Main Menu and then click on the Download Demo Swimmers button to download the information for swimmers that have been previously entered into the registration sign up process. If you wish to demo how you would customize your web page (called the back end) of the Team Registration Online process, contact the Active Network by emailing
or visit us at

How to Use Team Registration Online