Transactions Summaries Report
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There will frequently be times where it would be nice to have a list of all charges posted for dues during the past month or the past two weeks just to check that everyone was charged. The transaction summary report serves this purpose. This report is especially useful to check your work after posting a long list of charges. It will also give you a total amount charged which you can check against the amount you paid.

From the Main Menu, click on
Reports / Account Financials / Transactions Summaries

Transactions Summaries Report offers numerous choices and filters to enable you to gather exactly the data you need.


Click on the desired radio button for Report Choices, Invoice Categories, and Transaction Types.

Date Range for Transactions
Type in dates or use the drop down menus to select "From" and "To" date ranges.
This feature is very handy for finding particular types of transactions, such as all those that have "Reverse Charges" in them.

Sorting Options as seen below are list at the bottom of the screen: