Transactions by Account
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From the bottom of the QuickBilling screen, click on the Transaction by Account tab to quickly and easily make group charges or credits to specific Accounts.


Enter the Code, such as T for "Travel Fund", a description of the charge or credit, such as "Annual Fund Requirement", and the date for posting, which can be different than the current date. Enter the amount and whether it is a charge or credit. Enter your group and subgroup choices, if any. Note that inactive athletes are never included in the QuickBilling routines.

Since the charges are based on athletes, there might be 3 active athletes in an account and if so, in the example above, an account with three athletes would be charged $225. However, if the
Maximum One Posting per Account check box is checked as in the example above, all accounts selected will be charged $75 regardless of how many athletes are within an account.

After you have entered your choices, click the Start Billing button and a Posting List will appear such as the one below.


From the QuickBilling Posting List, you can click the printer icon to create a report of the list. If you see anything that is incorrect, click the Close Without Posting button, make your corrections and then create the Posting List again. Once you are satisfied that the posting list is correct, click the Post To Accounts button and all accounts on the list will be charged. To verify the charges, you can select an account in the Accounts Menu and look at the transactions or create some invoices. In addition, you could create a Daily report to see a full list or go to Reports / Account Financials / Transaction Summaries.