Declare Entries by Name

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This method of declaring entries lists each swimmer in the Database based on the following filter options:


Low and High Age - For example, ages 11-12
WM Group
WM Subgroup
School Year


First enter the Team for which these entries apply. If they generally apply to the same team for each meet, we would recommend you set up Favorite Filters so that the team you choose will be automatically displayed each time you declare meet entries.  Click Here for information on how to do this. If you leave this field "blank", TM will use the Team that the Athlete is current assigned for the entry Team.


Now select any of the swimmer's listed.  As soon as you click on a swimmer, TM will list the eligible events based on the following event filters and will also include that swimmer's Best Time for each event.  If the swimmer's name is colored, that means that at least one entry has already been set up for that swimmer.  This is an easy way to tell for what swimmers you have completed meet declarations.


Meet Division


TM will list the Maximum entries for this meet and Session as well as the running total of Individual Entries and Relay Entries for the particular swimmer that has been selected.


To enter a swimmer into one of the eligible events, just click on the Entered column check box. If the swimmer has not swum that event or you do not want to use his/her best time, you can enter a Custom Entry time.  Specify the entry as Exhibition, Alternate, or Bonus by clicking on the appropriate check box.  A "Bonus" entry is one that does not meet the  entry time but is allowed to enter that event because the swimmer has met an entry time in other events.  This is typically used in USA Swimming National and Sectional type meets.   If there is a Meet Entry time specified for this event, TM will show it and will not let you enter a swimmer into the event unless he/she has a Best time or Custom time that meets that entry cut.


Click on the Show Swim-Up Events check box and TM will add events in the list that are older than the age of the swimmer.  For example, if the swimmer is 11 years old, checking this box would result in the 13-14 and 15 & Over events being listed for this swimmer.




If you wish to enter the selected swimmer in all of his/her eligible events, click on the Enter All button.  To clear all of the entries, click on the Clear All button.


Click on the Show Relay Entries and TM will also indicate what relay Events a swimmer has been assigned to.




Click on the Only Pre-entered Athletes check box if you want to filter your swimmer list by ONLY those swimmers that have been Pre-Entered.  Click Here for information about how to Pre-Enter Athletes into your meet.


NOTE: The option to check this box will be available ONLY if you have Pre-Entered Athletes in this meet.


Pre-Entered Athletes