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Declare Entries by Name

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Pre-Enter Athletes


Please follow these steps to declare who is swimming in a particular meet and optionally, what events they are swimming.  This process applies to both Individual Entries as well as Relay Entries.


Using paper and labor intensive processes

Example 1:

Swimmers declare if they are attending a particular meet/sessions and then the coach chooses what events they are swimming.  In this example, the coach would use the Entries / Swimmer Entry Status feature to declare what swimmers will be at the meet and in what sessions.  Then the coach can use that list to filter the list of eligible swimmers as he/she declares who is swimming what events.  Click Here for information about how to Pre-Enter Athletes in a Meet.


Example 2:

Swimmers decide what events they are swimming in a particular meet.  In this example, the coach might post a Meet Eligibility Report so that swimmers could indicate what events they plan to swim.  Then the coach would use that "marked up" Report use the Entries by Name to tell TM what events each swimmer will be swimming.  then based on who is attending the meet, the coach would then use Entries by Event feature to set up the relays for the meet.



When you choose who is swimming what event, TM will find that swimmer's best time and display it as his/her entry time.  How TM finds each swimmer's best time in an event is based on the Course that was set up for that meet.  For example, if the meet is set up as YO (Yards Only), TM will look ONLY at each swimmer's best Yard times.  But if the meet is set up as Y (Yard Conversion), TM will find each swimmer's Best Time for each stroke/distance - converted to yards.  In addition, you can also set up the meet to look at multi-course qualification times and either enforce theses entry times or not.  You can even ask TM to automatically enter a swimmer at the minimum qualification time in a multi-course meet setup  Please click Here for more information and some examples on Course setup options for a Meet.


If you have specified you want course conversion for your meet (for example, you have specified the course of the meet as "Y" asking TM to convert all best times to Yards), then TM will find a swimmer's Best Converted Time for a specific stroke/distance.  TM will indicate a converted time by adding a ' character after the time - for example, 1:23.45Y' indicates a SCM or LCM time that has been converted to Yards.


You can review or check the meet entries that you enter by going to the Meet Entries Browser.  After you have declared your meet entries and checked them, you can:


Print the Meet Entries Report and mail those entries to the meet host.
Export those entries to a diskette and mail them to the meet host.

                         - OR -

Export those entries to a file and e-mail them to the meet host.


Here is a summary of the process in setting up the meet and declaring your entries.


1.Add your new Meet.  Click Here for information on how to do this.
2.Enter or Import the Events for the meet. Click Here for information on how to do this.
3.From the Meet Browser, highlight the meet for which you want to declare entries and click on Entries from the Meet Browser Menu Bar and then click on Max Entries, Entries by Event, Entries by Name, or Pre-Enter Athletes.
4.You may also Print the Meet Entries Report or Meet Entries Spreadsheet Report from either the Entries by Event or Entries by Name Main Menu Bar.



Using the keyboard

The Meet Entries by Event and by Name screens were designed to be used with a pointing device like a mouse as well as the keyboard.  Here are a few tips for navigating these screens and making selections.


Use the F4/F5 key to pick the Next (F4) or the Previous (F5) event.
Use the tab or shift tab or the left or right arrow keys to navigate across the Entry grid.
Use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate up and down the Entry grid.
If you wish to select a check box, for example an Exhibition swim, use the tab or arrow keys to highlight the check box and then press the space bar to select or de-select that particular check box.