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A. Meet Entries


1.I am supposed to send in my team's entries for a meet tomorrow.  I have set up the entries but how do I send them to the meet host?

Just use the Meet Entries Export feature of TEAM MANAGER so that the meet host can import those entries electronically.  Be sure to check your entries using the Meet Entries Report.


2.I have set up my meet entries for an upcoming meet and checked it using the Meet Entry Report.  But I see some of my swimmers are assigned to the wrong team.  What gives?

When you declare meet entries either by Name or Event, the first question TEAM MANAGER asks is what team are these entries for.  For example, Billy may be assigned to an Unattached team in the Athlete Browser but if you declare meet entries for the FAST team, then FOR THIS ONE MEET, Billy's entries will be assigned to team FAST.  This feature allows you to assign a swimmer to different teams depending on the meet, TEAM A, Unattached, All Star, Zone, etc. without having to change his "real" team assignment in the Athlete Browser screen.  If you have assigned a swimmer the wrong team for a meet, use the Meet Entry Browser to delete those entries and then re-declare the entries for that swimmer using Entries by Name.


3.I declared a meet entry for the wrong swimmer.  How can I delete it?

Just use the Meet Entries Browser.  Pick the entry you wish to delete and then click on the Delete icon.  Or, use the Entries by Name or by Event screen and uncheck the "Entered" column for that swimmer's entry.


4.When I declare my meet entries using the Entries by Event screen, TEAM MANAGER list the eligible swimmers in alphabetical  order but I want them listed based on their best time.

Just click on the "underlined" Best Time column header in the Entries by Event screen and TEAM MANAGER will sort the eligible swimmers by Best Times.  Click on the "underlined" Last Name column to sort the list alphabetically.


5.I want to use the Copy Events feature so I do not have to re-enter all my entry events for this meet but TEAM MANAGER will not list the other meets that already have the events set up.  Why not?

The Copy Events feature lists only the meets that have entry events set up AND are of the same course as the one you are trying to set up.  For example, if all of your previous meets are yard meets and you want to set up events for an away meet in meters, you will have to set them up manually since strokes and distances are usually different in yard and meter meets.  The other option you have is to Import Meet Events from the meet host.


6.My summer league requires that I pre-enter my swimmers in a specific heat and lane.  How do I do that?

Use the Entries by Event screen and choose which swimmers you want to swim in an event.  Then enter the heat and the lane you wish them to swim under the Heat and Lane columns next to each swimmer's entry time.


7. I know what swimmers that are able to go to the meet this weekend and I want to post a report of just those swimmers so they can sign up for the events they want to swim.  How do I do that?

First, use the Pre-enter Athletes in a Meet feature to specify to TEAM MANAGER who will be attending the meet.  Then run the Meet Eligibility Report and click on the Pre-Entered Only check box and the Sign up Sheet check box to list all the pre-entered swimmers and the events for which they are eligible.


8. How do I set up an Inter Squad meet?

If you want to use your MEET MANAGER and TEAM MANAGER to run a team inter squad or scrimmage dual meet, here's how.  For example, suppose the name of your team is FAST and you want to divide your swimmers into a Red team and a Blue team.


MEET MANAGER - Before the Meet

Step 1        Set up the events for your dual meet.

Step 2        Export the events that you have set up.


TEAM MANAGER - Before the Meet

Step 3        Import the meet setup events from step 2 above.

Step 4        Add two new teams and call them RED and BLUE. DO NOT move any swimmers from your FAST team into the RED or BLUE team.

Step 5        Using Entries by Name or Entries by Event, first select Team RED and click on the swimmers you are entering in the meet for the RED team.

Step 6        Again, using Entries by Name or Entries by Event, select Team BLUE and click on the swimmers you are entering in the meet for the Blue team.


Step 7        Run the Meet Entries Report to make sure you have designated the right swimmers on the BLUE team and the RED team.

Step 8        Now Export Entries for that meet.


MEET MANAGER - Before and After the Meet

Step 9        Import the entry file created in Step 8.

Step 10        Run your meet.

Step 11        After the meet is completed change the name of the RED team to FAST and export results of FAST as Export file #1.

Step 12        Change the name of FAST from above back to RED.

Step 13        Change the name of the BLUE team to FAST and export results of FAST as Export file #2.


TEAM MANAGER - After the Meet

Step 14        Import Export file #1 from Step 11.

Step 15        Import Export file #2 from Step 13.



B. Meet Results


1.I entered a meet result for the wrong swimmer.  How can I delete it?

Just use the Meet Results Browser.  Pick the result you wish to delete and then click on the Delete icon.


2.I just came back from a meet and I imported the meet results from the results file provided to me by the meet host but one of my swimmer's times is wrong - how do I correct that time?

You would use the Results by Name feature and just edit the time.


3.I just came back from a meet and the meet host has provided me with the results on a diskette.  How do I get them into my TEAM MANAGER database?

You would use the Import Meet results feature of TEAM MANAGER. Click Here for detailed information on how to import your meet results into your TEAM MANAGER database.


4.We have a yard pool but when I run the Record Match Report to see who has broken team records in an away meet at a SC Meter pool, no record breakers are indicated, yet I know some have been broken.  How come?

TEAM MANAGER never converts meet results to check for Record Breakers since yard to/from meter conversions are arbitrary.  You would have to set up your team records in SC Meters and then TEAM MANAGER will check them whenever you swim in a SC Meter pool.


5.How do I convert meet results for a specific meet from meters to yards?

Click on Reports/Performance then Top Times Report, specify the meet and then choose the course conversion you want.  For example, pick "YY" to convert meet results in meters to yards.


6.Can TEAM MANAGER import meet results from other than HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER software?        

Yes it can as long as it conforms to USA Swimming's SDIF format.  Just click on File/Import/Meet Results and then pick Files of Type  (SDIF  *.SD3).


7.The meet host gave me a file containing meet results but when I import it, nothing comes in.  How can I get my team's results into TEAM MANAGER?

There could be a number of reasons why the meet results did not import.  The meet host may have not provided you with the correct file to import, the file or disk could be damaged, or the team abbreviation does not match what you have entered into your TEAM MANAGER. Click Here for information about the type of file the meet host should have provided as well as what to do if the team abbreviations for the meet and your database do not match.


8.We have a large team and the swimmers are grouped and assigned to 5 different coaches.  When we go to a meet, what's the best way to submit our entries if each coach has his own TEAM MANAGER database?

1. If your coaches are all on a Local Area Network, you can use the TEAM MANAGER Pro option to share one common database on your network server. Click Here for detail information about the TEAM MANAGER Pro option.

2. All of the coaches would set up his/her own meet entry declarations and then 4 out of the 5 coaches would use the Export Meet Entries feature and then email the 5th coach the exported file.  Of course, each coach would have to have set up the same set of events for the meet.  That coach would then use the Import Meet Entries feature and TEAM MANAGER would merge the entries from the five coaches.  That coach would then check the entries using the Meet Entries Report and then set up any relays based on the Individual Entries that were imported.


9.I just returned from a meet and I want to email my local newspaper my team's results to publish.  How do I do that?

Run the Meet Results Report and click on the File Export radio button then choose either of the News Format choices.  TEAM MANAGER will then export meet results for that meet in the appropriate format so that you can email your local newspaper that file.



C. Swimmer Performances - Best Times, Improvement, Season


1.How do I find a swimmer's Best Time in the events they have swum so far this season?

To view a swimmer's meet results, use the Athlete Browser, pick the swimmer, and then use the Athlete Results Browser to filter by Best Times, converted times, all the times for the season, etc.  Click on the Print icon to print a report just for that swimmer.


2.The Top Times, Top Times Spreadsheet, and the Seasonal Spreadsheet reports all use events that do not match what my league swims.  For example, the older kids swim the 50s.  How can I get these reports to honor my league's events?

Unless you specify otherwise, TM will use Built-In events for these reports. Click Here to learn how to customize your age/stroke/distance definitions so that when you run these reports, you can choose "Use Custom" instead of "Use Built-In" events.


3.I want to hand each of my swimmers a complete one page report of what they have done this season.  What do you suggest?

You might want to look at the Seasonal Results Spreadsheet report as well as the Top Times Report, sorted by name (1 swimmer per page) and pick All for Top How Many with a Since date sorted chronologically.


4.I want to give each of my swimmers a report on their improvement so far this season.  How can I do that?

Run the Top Times Report, sort by Name and enter a Since and/or Until Date, click on the Chronological check box and then choose from the various Improvement tab options for Seasonal Improvement choices.  


5.I want to set up specific Goal Times for each of my swimmers and then track their progress towards those goals.  How do I do that?

Use the Goals feature in the Athlete Browser to specific a goal in each course for any stroke and distance.  Then report progress on those goals using the Top Times Report and click on the Include Goals check box.



D. Swimmer Administrative Reports and Features


1.I have set up all of my swimmers' email addresses.  How can I get them into Outlook so I can actually use them?

Click Here for information on how to export your email addresses to Outlook or Outlook Express.


2.I have looked at all of the standard TEAM MANAGER Roster Reports but none of them satisfy my needs.  Is there a way for me to customize my reports?

Yes there is. Click Here for detailed information on how to set up customized Athlete Roster reports that include just the fields you want in any order you want and sorted the way you want them.


3.I want to use TEAM MANAGER to register my swimmers for the upcoming USA Swimming year.  How do I do that?

You have a couple of options on how to register your swimmers for the upcoming season. Click Here for detail information that will help you choose what will work best for you.


4.As I add my swimmers to the TEAM MANAGER database, I want it to automatically build my Registration ID.  But it's not doing that - what am I doing wrong?

Since TEAM MANAGER offers the option to automatically build many types of Registration IDs, you must specify which one to use when you set up your Team.  Click on Team from the TEAM MANAGER Main Menu bar and then edit your team and choose the registration type that applies to your team. Click Here for more information about specifying your team's registration.


5.TEAM MANAGER is calculating the wrong age when I add new swimmers.  What's wrong?

A swimmer's age is always calculated based on his/her birth date and the System Age-up-Date that you have specified.  Please go to Set-up/Preferences/System Preferences and then change the System Age-Up-Date to whatever you want.  You also have the option to specify that TM automatically age up your swimmers to "Today's Date" each time TM is started.


6.We have a large team and they are a number of volunteers and coaches that need to enter and view information in TEAM MANAGER.  What options do we have to "share and update information" about our team?

Here are your options for sharing and updating information in multiple TEAM MANAGER databases.

1. If your volunteers or coaches are all on a Local Area Network, you can use the TEAM MANAGER Pro option to share one common database on your network server. Click Here for detail information about the TEAM MANAGER Pro option.

2. You can use TEAM MANAGER's TM.Net feature - Click Here for specific information about TM.Net.

3. You can assign one person to maintain all the administrative changes (new swimmers, changes in address, telephone numbers, typos) and then periodically email a backup of the database to each volunteer and/or coach for then to restore.

4. You can use the various Import/Export features of TEAM MANAGER to keep everyone up-to date with changes.  This is more involved than option #2.  For example, if Volunteer A corrects a typo in Billy Jones' name and exports Rosters to Volunteer B, that change will not be imported since TEAM MANAGER considers him a "new swimmer".  If Volunteer B clicks on the "Add new Athlete" check box, then he will be added and a duplicate will result, which of course Volunteer B can resolve through the Athlete Browser.

5. Use a combination of option #2 and #3 in which say once a month, you get everyone "on the same page" with a backup/restore.



E. Backup/Restore


1.I want to backup my Database onto a CD but TEAM MANAGER keeps telling me that I do not have a CD in my drive?  What do I need to do?

TEAM MANAGER supports backups to a CD-RW (Not a CD-R) but it must be formatted for Windows first.  Please use your CD-RW Writer software to format the CD-RW for use by Windows.


2.I want to give my coach a copy of my database - what's the best way to do that?

You would Backup your database to a diskette or CD or email it to your coach and then he/she would Restore that database on their computer.


F. Records


1.How can I get TEAM MANAGER to automatically set up my Team Records?

You would first Create a Records File and then add the records that you want to track - for example, Girls 11-12 50 Free. Click Here for specific information on how to begin.  As you set up each record, either enter the current Record Holder and record time or enter a Dummy Record holder name and very slow time.  Then when you run the Record Match Report and choose the Update feature, TEAM MANAGER will automatically update that "dummy record" with the current best time in the database.


G. Registration


1.I want to set up registration for my summer league but the registration screen for my swimmers does not contain the information I want.

The TM Registration feature is designed to be used ONLY by USA Swimming teams based on their particular registration requirements.  For summer leagues, we suggest using the Athlete Custom layout and the Athlete Custom fields to set up your own registration information.


2.It is the beginning of the swim season and I want to register my new swimmers.  How do I do that?

Please Click Here for information about the options you have to set up registration for your upcoming season.


3.I have set up my team's registration and I want to print the Application Forms.  But I have over a hundred swimmers on my team and I do not want to print them one at a time.  How can I print all of my swimmers' Registration Application cards at the same time?

Just use the Registration Report - Click Here for specific information on how to do that.


4.When I export my Registration, I only get a few of my swimmers?  What happened to the rest?

When you export your registration, TM exports ONLY those swimmers who changed their registration status SINCE THE LAST EXPORT or who have been designated to include in the next export. Click Here for detailed information on how to individually or globally change each swimmer's registration status.



H. Miscellaneous


1.I just got a new computer.  How do I move the TEAM MANAGER software and my database over to the new computer?

Just install TEAM MANAGER on your new computer using the CD you received from us and then download and install the current release. Click Here for information on how to move your database from one computer to another.


2.I am taking over TEAM MANAGER for my team and they lost the CD.  How do I get a new one?

If your team's TEAM MANAGER software is current, you can order a Product Replacement CD. Web Delivery, or both.  If it is not a current release, then you can purchase a product upgrade. Click Here for information on how to contact the Sales Office to order either.


3.I have exported various reports to Word but the fonts and layouts are just not what I want.   What can I do?

TEAM MANAGER uses the Crystal Reports software to display, print, and export all of the reports.  Sometimes due to font differences, screen resolution, and other variables, not all of the exports look exactly like the printed reports.  Try the rtf export instead of Word to see if that helps.


4.How do I know if I have the latest release of TEAM MANAGER?

Just start TEAM MANAGER and click on Check Updates from the Main Menu bar and TEAM MANAGER will check our web site and let you know if you are current.  You can also click on Help then About to see what release you are running and then check TEAM MANAGER web site to see what release is the latest.


5.Why does HY-TEK keep putting up new releases of TEAM MANAGER on the web site?

As the leader in swimming software, we believe that we have a responsibility to respond to customer requests for new features and to correct problems - both, in a very timely manner.  We have worked very hard to make the update process as fast and easy as possible with the Check for Updates feature in TEAM MANAGER.


6.How can I get information from my TEAM MANAGER database to my team's web site?

You really have a couple of options.  TEAM MANAGER offers a simple HTML export of Meet Results from the Meet Results Report screen.  And any report can be exported in HTML format using the Crystal Report export feature at the top of all report previews.  But the best option is to export your TEAM MANAGER database to Team Stats Online so that your swimmers, parents, coaches and others can find information about your team's Best Times, Rankings in each age group/gender/stroke/distance, team records, entries for the upcoming meet, meet results from all meets, etc. Click Here for more information about Team Stats Online.


7.I am a new user of your TEAM MANAGER software and I have previously set up all my swimmers and their mailing addresses in Excel and another Database software product.  How can I get this data into TEAM MANAGER without having to re-key it all?

Unfortunately, you will have to key the information into TEAM MANAGER.  TEAM MANAGER requires some information while other information is optional.  For example, each swimmer must have a last name, first name, team abbreviation, gender and if they are on an age group team, a birth date.  This information must be in a specific format and abide by specific editing rules.  For example, the Team Abbreviation must be 5 characters or less and must be associated with a Team Type (High School, College, Masters, Age Group, etc), Registration Type, etc.  This information cannot be guaranteed to be included in a general purpose spreadsheet or database program.


8.Every time I run a report or view a screen, TEAM MANAGER asks me to choose a Team.  I have two teams set up - one for most of my swimmers and one for my unattached swimmers.  How can I get TEAM MANAGER to default to my main team so I don't have to enter it all the time?

Just use the Favorite Filters feature to set up a default Team as well as other parameters like course, group, subgroup, seasonal dates, etc.


9.I coach a high school team in the winter and a country club team in the summer. Each team has its own licensed version of Team Manager. How do I install my summer club's version without overriding the high school version on my laptop?

 Windows does not allow one to install a second copy of any software product on a single computer.  But we do offer a very powerful tool that allows you to manage multiple swim teams with multiple TEAM MANAGER licenses - Click Here for specific information on how to do that.