Getting Started

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The entire Team Connect Online process associated with managing your team's database on the web is based on your TEAM MANAGER's License Name.  To find your License Name, start TM and it is displayed in the bottom left of the logo screen.  It is also displayed when you click on Help / About and is printed on the top left of all reports.  The License Name is usually the name of your swim team - for example, Dolphins, Center YMCA, FAST.


When a user logs onto Team Connect Online using TEAM MANAGER with a particular License Name, Team Connect Online will first check to see if you already have a subscription.  If so, then Team Connect Online will proceed to validate the login and provide the options and rights associated with your login. Click Here for information about Logging in as a Team Connect Online User.


A Team Connect Online subscription is included FREE with TM 6.0.  If this is the first time that anyone has logged onto Team Connect Online with a particular License name, then Team Connect Onlinewill give you the option to continue with the FREE subscription  If you choose "Yes", Team Connect Online will assign you as Admin with unique rights. Click Here for specific information about Admin.  In setting up Admin, Team Connect Online will ask you to complete some basic information including your name, email address, Admin Password, etc.


Once you have completed this information and have optionally set up other users and edit rights for those users, the next step is to upload the database form your local PC to Team Connect Online.  Once that step has been completed, you can Logoff Team Connect Online and other users that you have set up can now download that copy of your team's database.