Import from Pro SWIMMER

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Pease Note:  Pro Swimmer for Palm OS is no longer supported or offered by HY-TEK.  If you currently have this product, TM 6.0 will still import the information from Pro Swimmer as described below.




This feature offers the ability to import (hot sync) meet results (including splits) that have been entered on your PDA running Pro SWIMMER for Palm OS software using the Active Swim Meet.  This "Active Swim Meet" must have been previously set up and exported from TEAM MANAGER to Pro SWIMMER as an Entry Meet.


NOTE: The Import for Pro SWIMMER works ONLY with devices running the Palm OS.  It is not available for devices running Windows Mobile.


In order for this feature to operate, you must have previously installed the following software on the same computer as your TM program:

Palm Desktop software that you received when you purchased your hand held.
Pro SWIMMER for Palm OS software Release 3.0 or later.


Click on File, then Import, then Pro SWIMMER for Palm OS, and TM will check the information that was last hot synced from your PDA running Pro SWIMMER to your computer running TM. TM will display a list of swimmers and times that have been hot-synced back from Pro SWIMMER. You have the option to select or de-select any particular meet result before you click on the Import button.  You also have the option to Overlay Existing Results.  When you have selected which results you want to import, then click on the Import button and TM will store those results and splits in your database. TM will assume that the meet results have been hot-synced back to the standard palm directory.  But if that is not the case, click on the Set Pro SWIMMER Import Directory button to choose the directory that you set up when you installed your Palm-based software.


If you choose to enter results into "Open Events" instead of using the events previously exported from TM to Pro SWIMMER as "Entries", then those results will be stored as Open Events.